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February 1, 2000
1. Central Texas
2. Tacoma
3. Greenville
4. Pee Dee
5. Quad City
6. Florida
7. Port Huron
8. Flint
9. San Diego
10. Lubbock
11. Fayetteville
12. Peoria
13. Richmond
14. Roanoke
15. New Mexico
16. Missouri
17. Shreveport
18. Columbus
19. Binghamton
20. Oklahoma City








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Mallards smash records, Otters
By Craig Cooper, QUAD-CITY TIMES -- February 7, 2000
The slump, if there ever was one, for the Quad-City Mallards line of Hugo Proulx, Kevin Kerr and Patrick Nadeau, must be over.

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